Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amatller Cacao Ecuador

I was convinced before that cacao from Ecuador was really good, initial contact with chocolate made from beans from there tasted really good. The more recent ones I have tasted have not been so good, and this is yet another example. Perhaps it depends on the beans, you can get bad beans from any country, and you can't make good chocolate out of bad beans, but you can make bad chocolate out of good beans. This is another offering I tasted from the Spanish chocolatier Chocolates Simon Coll, S.A., their Amatller line features a number of different regional cacaos and different cacao contents. This one is 70% cacao content, and again, the ingredient listing looks good, just cocoa mass and sugar.

How does it taste? Not bad, not as good as I would have liked. A reasonable dark chocolate bar, that I might eat given the choice.

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archivosekis said...

Recomiendo revisar el siguiente trabajo realizado por estudiantes de la ESPOL: