Sunday, March 23, 2008

Evergreene Instant Ginger Tea with Honey

This instant tea from Taiwan, made from what they call best-grade matured ginger and natural honey, tastes wonderful, very gingery and not too sweet. Good hot, but you can also drink it cold (though I have not tried it this way).


sabina said...

where did you find this tea? i was hoping to eamil you, but I don't see your contact info anywhere on this site.



Mike said...

I believe I got it at a Festival at a Buddhist Temple in Mississauga, but you may be able to find this, or similar teas, in most Chinese Supermarkets.

Sadie said...

I love ginger as well. I have tried about 3 different types of instant ginger tea from the Asian market too. I think this was one of them. Some are sweeter then others. I prefer the less sweet one.

Mike said...

Agreed. I prefer to add sweetener, if I need, rather than rely on the manufacturer to decide. And better for you health-wise.