Saturday, March 08, 2008

Green & Black's Hazelnut and Currant

This dark chocolate bar from Green & Black's is one I had to try when I saw the ingredients; hazelnuts, of course, but I also like and prefer currants (rather than the more popular raisin, and yes, I know they are both made from grapes). The cacao content is 60%, fairly good, and the ingredient listing looks good, all Organic save for the lecithin, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, hazelnuts (9%), currants (9%), cocoa butter, soya lecithin as an emulsifier, and vanilla extract. This bar I bought for about 3 dollars.

How does it taste? Pretty good, though the taste of the currants is much more predominant than the hazelnuts. Too, the currants had a kind of alcoholic taste to them, not bad, but different, and something that I didn't really expect from a chocolate bar that didn't overtly have alcohol in it. The chocolate itself was smooth and rich and good tasting. A bar I would try again.

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