Monday, March 03, 2008

Le Chocolat Milk and White Chocolate with Strawberries

Shopper's DrugMart came out with a line of chocolate bars they called Le Chocolat, made with Belgian chocolate. Their press release states that that they use only real cream, butter, fruit, nuts, with no hydrogenated fat. This one is the Milk and White Chocolate with Strawberries, but they also have a Fruit and Nuts, Raspberries and Creme, Milk and Dark Chocolate with Mixed Nuts, and several collections with individual hand-decorated chocolates. The bars go for $5, but I bought this one for half that. The ingredient listing looks good for a milk and white chocolate bar, milk chocolate (made from sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, vanilla), white chocolate (made from sugar, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, soy lecithin and vanilla) and freeze dried strawberries.

How does it taste? The freeze-dried strawberries taste great, I would like to see that in other chocolate applications, the milk chocolate and white chocolate were fairly good, smooth, and complimented the strawberries (though chocolate and strawberries is not a new or unusual combination).

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