Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wedding Celebration

To celebrate our recent Wedding, and to invite those people who could not make it to the Wedding, we invited them to a Celebration at my brother's house in Cambridge, he has a large backyard close to natural surroundings, with lots of birds and the occasional deer in the evening. We had a large amount of food for our guests, too much really, though my sister-in-law worried that we didn't. There was a mixture of Thai food, Chinese food (made by my brother-in-law) and Western food, with a large number of baked goods. We had burgers, both chicken and beef, and lamb and bison cooked on the barbecue, many drinks and chips.

For salads, we had mixed greens, a spicy Thai Carrot Salad, which was a big hit and made by my beautiful Thai Bride, and Insalata Caprese.

For noodle dishes, we had authentic Thai-style glass noodles and Pad Thai, and a mildly spicy noodle dish called Yati's Noodles.

For Chinese dishes, my brother-in-law made fried lotus roots, sweet and sour cabbage, steamed rice and Chairman Mao's Pork.

And, of course, we had many different baked goods, chocolate chip cookies and Banana Oatmeal Cookies (which I will detail later), Butter Tart Muffins (again, recipe to follow), two cheesecakes, one pumpkin, one plain with strawberry compote to drizzle over, a Chocolate Hazelnut Honey cake, a Banana Coconut Honey Cake, and a Chocolate Skor Honey cake. There was also a blueberry-cream cheese pizza.

We also had fresh Ontario peaches and sliced watermelon.

I am sure I forgot some of the things, but there was plenty of food, and lots to enjoy afterwards.

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