Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Durio Crunchy Durian

I have had the Durian bug for a long while, having tried it in baked goods or shakes mostly, and smelled the frozen durian unfreezing in most Chinese supermarkets; some people don't like the smell, I do. I am waiting to try it fresh, when I go to Thailand, I think that it will be quite excellent. I have never seen Durian canned, I would think that it doesn't preserve well that way, and disintegrates, and the best way is to eat it fresh. My beautiful Thai Bride told me about how she used to eat durian chips, essentially dried or baked durian. We came across this product from Thailand, from Chiantavee Co., Ltd., which is similar, though less fresh than the market product she was used to. Opening up, it did smell like durian, and the ingredients are durian and a small amount of vegetable oil, they bake durian under controlled conditions. And it does taste quite good, very durian in flavour, crunchy. My sister liked it too, when I gave her some.

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