Monday, September 03, 2007

Restaurant Review - Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant

One Sunday, I took my beautiful Thai Bride to Richmond Hill, to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant there called Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant, located at 280 West Beaver Creek Rd., near Leslie and Highway 7, as she had been there before, and noticed it again when we went to the Wasabi buffet restaurant located in the same complex.. First off, if you are expecting Gourmet, or even gourmet (small g), you will be disappointed. What this is, is a completely vegetarian restaurant specializing in Chinese food. Here you can find mock duck and pork, even the seafood was mock, the mock meat is made from bean curd. We were disappointed with the quality of food here, we ordered a rice dish with mock seafood, and it came out very dry and not very tasty. They did fairly well with standard vegetarian dishes, ones that you could find in other regular Chinese restaurants, so overall I would rate it as fair. I don't think that we will be going back here any time soon.

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