Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Restaurant Review - Sun Sun Chinese Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant, located in the Chinese Business Centre at 888 Dundas Street, looked good on the outside. There are three large statues of Chinese Gods in the foyer, popular in many restaurants and places, the first of Prosperity (Hok), the second of Good Health (Lok), the third of Longevity (Siew). Passing this, we entered the very large eating area, which sadly, was hardly filled, and soon we found out why, we should have had the wisdom to bypass this restaurant, we would have gotten better prosperity (or at least we wouldn't have had to pay for this food). I selected Ants Climbing a Tree for one of the dishes, which is a Szechuan dish I had read about, with ground pork as the "ants" and dry vermicelli noodles as the "tree". It was not bad, though normally it is spicy, and this wasn't, and it seemed very oily, which it shouldn't be. We also ordered a seafood fried rice, this is a Seafood restaurant we thought, but it wasn't very tasty, while the seafood was small pieces of fish. The third dish, a vegetarian one of various vegetables, was also not good. We were glad to get out of there, and we happened upon a better tofu store, just down the way, we bought some fried tofu and some tofu dessert, including one flavoured with pandang (a leaf they use similarly to how we use vanilla), both of which were excellent.

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