Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nutella - 40 Years of Breakfast in Canada

This year marks 40 years of Nutella in Canada, and to celebrate, Nutella Canada is running a contest. Submit your best picture of your family enjoying Nutella to this contest, and you could win a $5000 Kitchen Makeover from RONA from Nutella Canada. Go here to enter. You can also find in most stores a limited edition 750 g Nutella jar celebrating 40 years of breakfast in Canada.

I'm glad to see that I was around to enjoy Nutella for most of my life, but I want to know what they were doing the first few years of my young life! Oh, only kidding. Being of German and European heritage (I am aware that Nutella is Italian, and not German, as some would think, it's owned by Ferrero, perhaps more commonly known by their chocolate-hazelnut offering Ferrero Rocher), Nutella was a part of my growing up, and I knew about its great taste long before all my North American friends, as Nutella was available in the European delicatessens way before any other kind of store. Nowadays, you can find Nutella anywhere, it seems, and it's enjoyed by a cross-section of people (not just us "Europeans").

Nutella introduced me to hazelnuts long before I even knew what hazelnuts were or that I enjoyed them so much.

Another memory from growing up - my sister and I would have this argument, she maintained that Nutella must be spread on a naked slice of bread or toast, I enjoyed it with butter spread on there first, and I'm talking soft sweet butter on bread, not on toast, which immediately melts (still do, though these days I don't use butter much, other than for baking, and so when I spread Nutella on bread, there is no pre-spread of butter, so, I still say she hasn't won, it's just circumstance that makes me eat it that way, not preference - I'll have to remind myself to put out a little butter for the weekend, now that I've created a craving for it!). Try it, you might just enjoy it.

Here are a couple recipes to get you baking with Nutella, Chocolate Nutella Honey Cake and Nougat Crescents.

Thanks, Nutella, for the wonderful taste of the hazelnuts and the memories!! Here's to 40 more!!


Sadie said...

I did not know all the history behind Nutella until now. Congrats on the big 40! My boyfriend is also Canadian and loves this stuff. He would eat a whole jar if it's around. I like to eat it with toast and jam.

Mike said...

It seems my beautiful Bride has the same idea, she recently ate it with some blood orange jam we bought.