Friday, December 05, 2008

Amalia Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Amalia is another Spanish chocolatier, this is one of their bars, a dark chocolate with almonds. The cacao content is at 55%, and is thus just a dark chocolate bar. Otherwise, the ingredient listing looks good, sugar, cocoa (cocoa and cocoa butter), almonds (at 15% content), lecithin and vanillin.

How does it taste? The chocolate is definitely dark, and serves as a decent dark chocolate, but certainly not a great one. The almond pieces are big, which is good. Overall, I would say that this bar is okay, and that I would not buy it again.


Sadie said...

I've never heard of this brand of chocolates before. Have you heard of Ghirardelli? They are popular here in San Francisco and are sold almost everywhere. Not to give you spam - but if you are a member of Borders (bookstore) rewards program, you can shop online for Ghirardelli chocolates at 20% off & free shipping. Not sure if it's free shipping to Canada. Good luck!

Sadie said...

Forgot to mention, the rewards program is free. But the offer is only good for Christmas holiday '08.

Mike said...

We have Ghiradelli chocolate here, and I have been to San Fransisco and sampled some there.

We don't however have Borders, it's a uniquely American bookseller, but thanks.