Friday, December 05, 2008

Anthon Berg Chocolate Origins Venezuela

Of the four Chocolate Origins bars I recently purchased of Anthon Berg's, this one intrigued me the most, as I had mostly enjoyed the chocolate from Venezuelan beans made by Chocolates El Rey, so I tried it first. Anthon Berg is a Danish chocolatier, in operation since 1884, and also is in appointment to the Royal Danish Court. This bar is milk chocolate, described as Vivid milk, it contains a combination of the better tasting Criollo cocoa bean and the stronger tasting complex Trinitario. This bar is supposed to have the flavours of vanilla and caramel (which I can taste). The cacao content is at 44%, not quite what is considered dark. The ingredient listing looks good, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder and real vanilla.

How does it taste? A very good smooth milk chocolate, I definitely get the caramel-y sweetness. It was priced at $4-5. I think that I would buy this bar again, despite it being not dark.


medicineman said...

hey Mike, do you know where i can find this Anthon Berg milk chocolate bar locally? i picked one up in toronto from winners of all places and loved it.

thanks and hit me back

Mike said...

I also bought it at Winners, but in Mississauga. I would say that it was a special purchase for Christmas (as they often do, and different every year).

There is no real good store in the area to buy chocolate (and I'm not talking the Lindt store to buy Lindt chocolate).

I'm always keeping my eye open for sources, so if any finds one or knows of one, post it here.