Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restaurant Review - Ghizale Restaurant

While on our way back from seeing the Sakuras in High Park, we made a detour (read, we drove farther away) to buy some food from this, as we found out later, award-winning Lebanese restaurant on Bloor Street. I've seen it lots of times before, and more recently when I was dating my not-as-of-yet Bride, but I've never had the opportunity to try what looked to me like wonderful Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean food. Located at 504 Bloor St. West, just down from Honest Ed's and east of Korean Town (which is where I had already eaten at on my date, thus I was not hungry enough to want to partake of any of this food). And, certainly eating the meal that we got, I can say that one needs to be hungry in order to finish this feast. And cheap, certainly a lot of food for $7. There is also now another location at Church and Wellesley.

My meal was a Chicken Schawarma, with lentil rice and tomato-eggplant and tabbouleh salad. All tasty. We also got two chickpea falafels, which were also tasty. There was enough for half a lunch the next day.

Save for the chicken livers, this one was all vegetarian, with curried cauliflower to replace the chicken.

The best part of the meal was saved for last. The very yummy desserts were honey-packed; my triangle with phyllo pastry and pistachios was delicious; my Bride ate her pistachio round and realized afterwards that she didn't offer me any. Ah well, I had mine to enjoy, all alone.

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