Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arz Fine Foods

I first heard about Arz Fine Foods on the TV Show "Street Eats", which hilights a different cuisine each week; Arz Fine Foods was on their Lebanese episode. They focused mainly on their bakery, and their tasty baklava and mamoul. Doing a little googling, I realized that their store was quite close to my place of work, I could go a little out of my way to drop by after work. Located at 1909 Lawrence Street East (east of Pharmancy). My first attempt to find the store failed, I thought it was on Ellesmere, so I was happy to find it the second time. The store is standalone, with parking at the side and back.

This is a fairly large store, with a quite large section for fruits and vegetables just within. Next to this are sections for meats, cheeses and prepared goods, dairy products, frozen goods, dried and packaged goods, and a quite large bakery. I was struck as to how clean the store is.

Arz sells its own freshly baked pitas, both in whole wheat and white. Quite good.

The falafels they sell are quite tasty.

To go with the falafels, have some hummous. Quite tasty.

The tabbouleh I found to be very soggy, and not quite so tasty.

These grape leaves are stuffed with vegetables, you can also get ones with beef. Tasty, but quite lemony.

This is a stuffed zucchini, with vegetables, you can also get ones with beef.

The baklava are quite delicious, made with walnuts or cashews or pistachios. Yum!

Even better were the mamoul. These were also made with either walnut, pistachio or date. The pistachio and date (the most traditional) were my favourite.

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