Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carassauga 2009

We went again this year to the yearly multicultural festival in Mississauga, there are about 15 pavilions set up representing 20 or so countries. Again, some of the pavilions are great (the Ukraine one has traditional dancers that are quite flashy, and some of the dancing looks quite similar to break-dancing), while others are not. This festival is about culture, and finding out about the many cultures that make up Canadian diversity, and part of that culture is represented by its food.

Some of the highlights that we sampled this year included some food that we had not eaten, and finding restaurants that we did not know existed in Mississauga. in the International pavilion, we ate murtabak, a Indian Muslim wrap popular in Singapore and Malaysia, it's a roti filled with various fillings (curried vegetable with chickpeas, red kidney beans, carrots and potatoes; Halal beef with carrots, potatoes and cilantro; or Halal chicken with peas, potatoes and white beans) is then grilled for 5 minutes and served with homemade coconut chutney and chili-garlic sauce. There was also Lebanese baklava and sesame-topped barazik. In the Portuguese pavilion, we ate two dishes, one with baked salted cod, another tasty pork alentejana (with clams and wine, garlic, oregano, bay leaves and cumin). A restaurant called Tarboosh (located at Central Parkway and Dundas) had excellent middle-eastern food in one of the pavilions.

We enjoyed mostly Carassauga, one complaint we have, is that the sound system is too loud in most of the pavilions, we can't really enjoy the music and dancing with the sound blaring.

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