Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nong Shim Shrimp Crackers

I've seen these before in various Chinese supermarkets, we thought we'd give them a try when they were on sale in this Vietnamese supermarket. Nong Shim shrimp crackers have been around since 1971, so they must be popular enough. This is the 400 g bag, they also come in smaller 75 g bags. The crackers are interesting, in that they look like twisted french fries.

They are quite crispy and go well with a sandwich. There is not much actual shrimp in these crackers, I've read that there are 5 shrimp in a 75 g bag, that would make more than 25 in this 400 g bag, but you can taste the shrimp at least. Overall, they're pretty good, but not great, and the ingredient listing doesn't look that healthy (wheat flour, palm oil, wheat starch, rice bran oil, shrimp, sugar, salt and nonfat soybean - this last one is monosodium glutamate in the American ingredient listing), so don't eat a lot at one sitting.

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