Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Apple Market

You could be forgiven for passing by this unimposing store, you also could be forgiven for thinking this store only sells apples (no, not Apples, as in Apple computers, rather, the fruit). Located at the corner of Queensway and Camilla Road, a couple stoplights west of Hurontario, I've driven by it a few times before we decided finally to make that turn south and into the parking lot. This used to be a 15-acre farm, specializing in apples, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and rhubarb, eventually a small store was opened to sell seasonal fruit, there was a garden centre as well. Over the years, this evolved to include fresh-baked goods, unique groceries (with a fair number of them Organic or healthy), a full-service meat counter, and, so you're thinking now this is a big store, it also includes a health and wellness section (and they stock some of the health products that I had to go downtown for!). There is also a Health and Wellness fair every September. Going up to the main entrance, we noticed people go into a shed, looking like it was sunk into the ground, and other people coming out holding big baskets of apples. Another thing I like about this store, is an emphasis on local, Ontario, produce (though there are lots of produce I see that you find in any supermarket); I would like to see more emphasis on local products, but perhaps that's just because we haven't got much produce yet from within Ontario. The staff is friendly, it's a family-owned and run business, the prices are fairly reasonable; all good reasons to check this store out!

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