Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lindt Excellence Plantation Diego Vaz

The idea of Single Origin chocolate bars is not new, certainly I've seen lots that feature cacao beans from one country (Ecuadorian beans being one of my favourite), and Michel Cluizel has one or two, I've seen, but this is an unusual chocolate bar for Lindt. Plantation Diego Vaz is located on the island of Sao Tomé, what they call "Chocolate Island", off the western equatorial coast of Africa; some of the finest cacao in the world is grown there. I especially like the ingredient listing of this bar, the cacoa content is at 70%, cacao mass, sugar, cocoa butter and natural bourbon vanilla beans (wonderful that they have this).

How does it taste? Quite good, with the smooth chocolate that most Lindt bars have, though I found their to be an underlying crunchiness as you chewed the squares, I'm not sure if that is sugar crystals or vanilla beans, or even cacao nibs (though there is no indication of this on the package. This bar was not any more expensive than any of the other Excellence line. I believe I would buy this bar again.

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