Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ethnic Food Source - Vientiane Supermarket

My beautiful Bride's brother showed us this store on Weston Rd., on Bradstock Rd. north of Sheppard Ave. (on the right side as you are going north on Weston Rd., in an older strip mall next to a Latin restaurant). The owners are from Laos (Vientiane is the capitol city of Laos), which is next to Thailand, and thus they have a lot of products from Thailand (it seems far more than from Laos), including fresh vegetables and frozen goods. We've found holy basil, krachai and kaffir limes for sale there, as well as lots of interesting frozen Thai products. Too, they have Thai recipe books, magazines, snacks, rice, noodles, lots of bottled vegetables and sauces, and a fair amount of Latin foods (for the clientele in the area).

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