Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sarotti Single Source Chocolate Bars

There seems to be a trend among chocolatiers to create Special high quality few ingredient chocolate bars made from cacao beans from single sources. I wrote earlier about those I found from the German manufacturer Tschibo. Sarotti is also a German chocolatier, and most of the chocolate bars I have seen from them are milk chocolate, with less than great ingredients, so I was pleased to find these higher quality chocolate bars. Most of them have a high cocoa content, more than 72%, and less than five ingredients; cocoa mass, sugar, soya lecithin, vanilla flavour being among them. They cost about $4 each for 100 g of chocolate. It should be interesting to taste and compare them.

The first of these bars is the one likely I'll least enjoy, as it is a milk chocolate, with 33% cacao content. The beans themselves come from the southern coast of the island of Java, they have grown there for a long time, and have been harvested and exported since Colonial times. The Java cacao bean is of the Mexican variety Criollo, which Spanish conquistadors brought to Java in 1560.

The second of these bars is a dark chocolate with candied orange peel in it, the cacao content is 72%. The beans come from Papua New Guinea, and are of the variety Criollo and Forastero.

The third of these also has a cacao content of 72%, these beans come from north Ecuador. There are three varieties of beans in this bar, Arriba - Superior, Navida and Epoca.

The fourth of these has a cacao content of 75%, the beans come from the small African island of Sao Thome. The beans are of the variety Forastero. This bar also contains 10% caramelized cocoa kernel splinters, which should be interesting to taste.

The last, but certainly not least, has a cacao content of 85%, and contains beans from Santo Domingo located in the Caribbean.

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