Saturday, November 11, 2006

Limoncello Liqueur Cake

I had tried some of liqueur cakes last Christmas, I especially liked the coffee one, so I was intrigued by this one, made from the Italian delicacy, limoncello. Limoncello is essentially made from lemon peel and vodka, it distills the lemon essence into the vodka over a long period of time, the result is liquid lemon sunshine, deep golden yellow in colour and intense flavour. I like lemon, the flavour of lemon, the sourness too, and eat them raw, so to have it in a cake I thought would be good. This product is a vanilla cake, flavoured with limoncello, and while it makes it quite lemony, more so than if you were to flavour it just with lemon essence, it is not overpoweringly lemony. The scent of it is very lemony. Quite good and a welcome change from regular cakes. It makes me want to try to create a cake or cheesecake, or even cookies, with limoncello liqueur.

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