Thursday, November 16, 2006

Numi Teas

It was a day for new teas, both familiar and unfamiliar. The night before, I had bought some teas, from a company called Numi, they make high quality, organic, few-ingredient teas. Indeed, their teas are full leaf, with, in their words, no bitter tasting tea dust or fannings, and no added oils or natural "flavourings" common to the market. Being a manufacturer of organic teas, they also pack them in natural paper bags, not the more common nylon ones. They are also a Fair Trade company, so that the producers of the tea receive a fairer and higher price for their wares. Too, the ingredients are very small, usually only one or two, really just the whole leaf, perhaps scented with a natural flower.

The first of the teas that I got is Moroccan Mint, made from mint leaves gathered in Morocco. I did try this yesterday and found it clean-tasting, quite strong, I often put two bags in my very large cup, but needed only one of these. Mint tea is not unusual, but the single source is. The Moroccans, apparently, find it so good, they drink 10 cups of it a day!

The second of the teas is Jasmine tea from the banks of the Gan River in Jiangxi Province in China. The tea leaves are Special Grade, and are also scented with summer picked Jasmine flowers, to give it an extra flavour that marries well with the leaf.

The last of the three teas is the most unusual of them, it contains leaves from the Honeybush, hand-picked in the mountain regions of South Africa, for hundreds of years. Honeybush is a honey-scented flowering bush, and creates a tea with a rich brew with sweet honey overtones. The honeybush is also rich in antioxidants, phytoestrogens and essential minerals. Should be interesting to try.

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