Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cocoa Camino

Having finished my excellent Green&Black's cocoa, I was looking for another good cocoa. I decided to try the organic cocoa powder from Camino, I've seen a few of their natural products at Health Food stores. What I like about their products, other than being organic, is that this is a Fair Trade product, meaning that they buy their cacao directly from small family producers, giving them a fair price for their product, allowing them to have sustainable agriculture, rather than what many large corporations do, that is, giving very little in recompense for their product and selling it at a high price and taking all the profit. Beyond that, it all depends on whether the cocoa is actually any good, whether it works well in your end product, baked goods, and this one works well. It is Dutch-processed, which means it has a milder flavour, but a darker colour. You can see the end result in several of the last cookies I baked, they are quite dark.

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