Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monday Dinner

I have houseguests this week, my sister and her husband are staying for a week, they are wanting to visit the big city and are using my place as a home base. It's different having guests here, the place seems much fuller than it did last week, a lot more clutter and dirty dishes, but lots of good things too. And one of the benefits of them staying here, is the great food that he cooks. I've described some of it before, in earlier posts. On the Monday evening, he made Chicken and Chestnuts, which was quite good. I took some in for lunch the next day, too. He first toasted the chestnuts in a frying pan, then removed the papery skin off. This was not as easy as it sounds, it works better with hazelnuts. The chicken was stir-fried in a wok, with a little oil, some sugar and a dash of alcohol and some soya sauce, then cooked slowly. The last 10 minutes, the chestnuts are added. The beansprouts were stir-fried for a short while with a little vinegar. Quite tasty.

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