Thursday, August 31, 2006

Durian Pie

Now, I've read many times of the 'King of Fruits', the Durian, how its hard outer shell with spikes combined with its size and weight could seriously injure or kill the harvesters, if it were to fall on them, how, when it was ripe, it exuded this odour akin to pungently foul sweaty socks that pervades the whole house and drives some out of their home on smelling it, yet, despite these limitations to harvesting its fruit, when you actually overcame these obstacles, its custard like flesh revealed a wonderful experience and taste. So, I've been intrigued for a long while as to whether this was true. I've seen the whole fruit, frozen, in Chinese Supermarkets, though have been loathe to bring it in to my home, not knowing if I would be one of those it drove out of home, and suspect that like other fruits, being frozen, changes its qualities, and have had Durian shakes, and now, tried this Durian pie, but somehow, it doesn't quite live up to the romance and mystique one would expect of the 'King of Fruits'. Don't get me wrong, it's tasty enough, though I have yet to experience either the rotten smell or the custard-like qualities of the flesh. I would say that, like any fruit, one has to go to where they grow, and go about the time they ripen, and experience the qualities of this exotic fruit. For now, until I can accomplish that, I'll settle for trying it in various baked goods and other dishes.

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