Saturday, August 26, 2006

Five Novi Chocolate Bars

I decided to try these five different chocolate bars from an Italian chocolate company called Novi, in existence since 1903. I have never tried Italian chocolate before, and was interested in seeing the difference between how they make it and other European chocolate makers. The ingredients look good, mostly natural ingredients with cocoa as the main ingredient with cocoa butter and paste, followed by sugar, soya lecithin and vanilla. If it is true, I like how they use the natural vanilla instead of the artificial vanillin that appears in many chocolate bars. The three bars in the one picture show their "Le Terre del Cocao" or "World of Cocoa" line, one from Grenada, with 80% cocoa content, one from Ecuador, with 75% cocoa content, and one from Ghana, with 65% cocoa content. The other picture shows two chocolate bars with hazelnuts in them, one with whole hazelnuts and extra bitter chocolate, the other with the Gianduja-type hazelnut paste. The cocoa within there is a mixture of African and South American cocoas. Each of the bars was between $3.50 and $4.

I have tried one of the bars, the darkest 80% chocolate from Grenada, and it tastes pretty good, it melts properly in the mouth and hand, indicating that it does have cocoa butter in it.

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