Saturday, August 05, 2006

Elderflower syrup from IKEA

I came across this interesting syrup in the food part of the IKEA store, I have tried other kinds of elderflower syrups and drinks that were great tasting, and wanted to compare this. That it came from IKEA was an odd thing, I kind of had mixed feelings as to whether it would be good at all. I like the golden yellow colour of the syrup in the bottle, and the ingredients were simple and looked to be pure, but I knew that it would be not as good as others I had tasted, simply because of the ingredient citric acid listed. Citric acid is what gives a lot of lemonades its sourness, it also can be found on sour candies. But I prefer the sourness to come from the lemon rather than a cheap shortcut. I was disappointed by the flavour of this elderflower drink, the colour of it was really pale yellow, and, while it did taste a lot like the elderflower drinks I like, the underlying citric acid ruined it for me. Overall, not bad, but I don't think I'll buy it again.

Interesting footnote, it tasted much better when we tried it with sparkling water.

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