Thursday, August 31, 2006

Red Dragon Fruit

When I saw the name of this, I knew I had to try this. This fruit comes from Thailand, and, as you can see from the outside, looks quite interesting, very different from any fruit you can normally find in supermarkets or fruit vendors, though I have seen it in a regular supermarket. I bought this at the new T&T in Mississauga, it was one of the things that I picked up. Slicing it open, I wondered how interesting it would look on the inside. As you can see, it's far more interesting on the outside than on the inside, kind of disappointing in a way, I envisaged bright red flesh with large seeds, well, I don't know what. This kind of resembles to me, a kiwi fruit, how the flesh is, not the colour, but the consistency of the flesh and the tiny seeds. It smelled somewhat like a melon or cantaloupe does, and tasted pretty good, a subtle sweetness that is different than other fruits. I wonder if this would go well in a shake or smoothie, or perhaps in a jam. The fruit is definitely expensive, the one you see cost over $5, though that is likely due to shipping costs and the scarcity of it. Well worth a try, if you're in to exotic fruits.

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