Friday, September 01, 2006

Restaurant Review - Kaarma Restaurant

I usually take the opportunity given when on vacation to go to certain restaurants in Mississauga. One of them is Kaarma Restaurant, located at 801 Matheson Blvd., just west of Mavis Road. On weekdays, they have a buffet-style lunch, where they serve a mix of Chinese and Indian foods. There are two main reasons I return to this restaurant, one of them is the great Naan bread. To me, the mark of a good Indian restaurant, is whether it takes the time to do its meals properly, and with the proper tools. Naan bread should be cooked in a tandoor oven for it to taste good. It should be served hot and fresh out of the oven. Kaarma Restaurant does both, and their naan tastes wonderful. The other reason I like this restaurant, is the Gulab Jamun dessert they serve. These wonderful fried balls, made with flour and milk powder, are then soaked in a heated sugar or honey syrup. They taste divine! I have to stop myself from eating too many of them! And filling up on the naan, so I don't have room to try any of the other dishes. Or feel too stuffed the rest of the day!

Of course, there are always other selections to sample in their buffet, today they had mutton curry, which tasted great, spicy hot, also a noodle dish with garlic, yellow daal, a spicy eggplant and potato dish, a chicken dish, and sauteed vegetables in a white sauce. There is also a section for cooling salads. For each person, with a drink, it would come to about $14-15. But well worth it. Check it out.

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