Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weird things you ate as a child

A friend of mine told me at work, that as a child, he would take brown sugar, about a handful, and add to it vanilla, mix it up, and eat it with a spoon. It tasted kind of like fudge, but how bizarre, and how does one think of that? It got me to thinking, we all ate things as a child that we would never think of eating as an adult, conversely, as an adult, usually our tastes are more refined, we eat a lot of things we hated as children. I'm not talking about ethnic food here, either, what is normal for one culture is weird in another. I eat lots of ethnic food these days, more so than traditional German or North American foods, Indian and Thai/Vietnamese, among others. Likewise, what we eat for breakfast here, could be eaten totally in different time of day in another country. And parts of the animal that people in North America turn their noses up to, like kidneys, or liver, or brain or tongue, are eaten with relish in other areas of the world. Well, even in North America.

I remember eating brown sugar sandwiches as a child, just buttered white bread spread with brown sugar, awesome! Honey, what would you like to eat tonight? A sugar sandwich, please! Not happening. An old friend of mine said he used to broil his brown sugar sandwiches for a moment or two, the sugar melted and caramelized. Now, that would have been interesting. My brother used to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, though his twist was putting a slice of salami between the peanut butter and the honey. I have tasted that, and it was fairly good, but I can see how others may have found it quite strange. I witnessed this fellow put Orange Quench, this fruit crystal drink, in milk! Orange milk! He drank it, and suffered no ill effects. My best friend as a child used to love gravy sandwiches, just white bread smothered in beef gravy. Any number of highly sugared breakfast cereals, which turned the milk red or blue or green or brown, I thought this was great as a child, I can't bear nowadays because I find them too sweet. Too, they're not at all healthy. For the longest while, I ate this concoction, well, more as a young adult, a healthy breakfast that included rice polishings, wheat germ, carob, lecithin, spirulina, dulse powder and nutritional yeast, with yogurt, it ended up being a brown goop, that tasted, at least to me, great.

What are some of the weird things you ate as a child?

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