Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Green Bags

On one hand, having fruit and vegetables last more than a month is very tempting, often I've taken food home, only to have it go bad in three or four days, on the other hand, having food last that long makes me think that there's something not natural about it. And, given that during the summer months, there is always a surplus of delicious goods available at the market, more than you can usually eat, you almost have to gorge yourself sometimes, the amount that the farmers give for the small amount of coin you hand over, having that food last more than a week or two is great. So, I was intrigued by the idea of these new kind of bags, Debbie Meyer's EvertFresh Green Bags™, they were on sale on The Shopping Channel, which are made of a natural mineral that absorb and remove the ethylene gases responsible for ripening, and ultimately rotting, fruits and vegetables and flowers. Apples give off the most ethylene, you can put an apple in with your other fruit, and they will ripen quickly; too, bananas naturally ripen because they are dosed with ethylene gas. Just wrap your fruit in a bag, and keep it on your counter, or in the crisper, and it will keep much longer than normal. The bags are also re-usable, up to eight times. Now, I've had mixed results so far, the bananas I put in, seemed to collect water and could have gone bad faster; but I was able to keep farm fresh tomatoes for several weeks, they tasted pretty good still when I ate them today. The list of fruits and vegetables that you can put in these bags is quite long, you can also put cut flowers in there, and they'll stay fresh much longer. I'll have to experiment more, to find out just how effective they are.

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