Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Perth County All Natural Yogurt

This brings back memories. Fifteen to twenty years ago, I'd have eaten 2 to 3 containers of Perth County yogurt, which I'd purchase each week from Kitchener. I might even have one of their containers sitting on a shelf somewhere, most of them have been recycled in one way or another. One month it suddenly disappeared from the store shelves of the health food store where I bought it, and I had to find another source of all natural no added ingredients yogurt. It was tasty, sour and not too thick. Perfect for my morning breakfast concoction. This is their 500 mL small tub, the one I bought in the past was their larger 1 L one. After all these years, and I don't even know if it's made by the same people or even has the same quality, it's a little runnier than I remembered (albeit this is the low fat kind, I bought their 2% version), and it seems expensive compared to some of the other healthy yogurts out there, it still tastes good.

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