Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Chocolate Organic Raw Sun Dried Cacao Powder

Most cocoa powders are processed, either alkalized (this creates a milder flavour by neutralizing acidity; it also enhances colour and solubility) or by using the Broma process (warmth essentially melts the cocoa butter out of ground cacao beans); in either method, the cocoa butter is removed and the cocoa powder is dried. This raw product from GoHunza is sun-dried cocoa powder which has not been processed in any way (unheated, unsweetened, no fillers, no additives). It can be used in any of the many chocolate recipes that you might have. I found this for sale in a Health Food store ($20 for 3/4 Lb.), though you can get it online from GoHunza. So far, I've used it mostly, occasionally, to add a little mocha flavour to my coffee, which works, but look forward to seeing how it's flavour enhances my baking efforts, especially the natural healthier versions.

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