Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hans Freitag Mignon Waffeln

I've tried other versions of this hazelnut creme-filled wafers drenched with chocolate, this is a tasty version from Hans Freitag in Germany. The hazelnut taste of the hazelnut creme is fairly strong (the hazelnut content is 6%), and the chocolate was not bad, though is a milk chocolate (at 30% cacao content). I think I would buy these again.


atq said...

Hey Mike,

I saw your page on the Venezuelan Savoy (Nestle) chocolate. I'm trying to get my hands on some desperately. Can you please send me an email at Preferrably before Valentines day. I'd be grateful.


Mike said...

Hey Tony,

sorry I can't help you, if you're thinking that I have a ready source for Venezuelan Nestle Savoy products, ready as in less than a week. All I am really is the receiver of these gifts the odd time I get a visit. Don't know where you can get them here in Canada either.