Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thai Coffee

Thailand is certainly known for their tea, but coffee is also grown in certain provinces. These beans come from Chomporn province, in south Thailand, and I have read about coffee from the southern provinces (which led me to my quest to get some, my sister-in-law located some in Thailand and brought some on her recent trip). Recently, I read about coffee grown as Fair Trade from the northern provinces, available for sale in Canada, I have to track those down (you can read about them here - Doi Chaang Coffee).

You can see how big a bag she bought, it will last me for a while.

But I don't mind really, as I tried making a cup of coffee today, grinding the beans in a coffee grinder to a medium fineness (they were roasted to espresso darkness), and then running hot water through a drip filter. And, the beans make a good cup of coffee, though very mellow. Actually, the last half of the cup tasted the best, there was a good aftertaste that I liked. I believe these are Robusta beans, though I am not really sure (as I am not that much of a coffee aficionado that I can tell the difference between robusta and arabica beans), just what I've read on the 'Net.

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