Saturday, October 25, 2008

Swiss Delice Supreme Surprise Citron & Poivre

The idea of lemon and pepper together is not new to cooking, certainly you can buy lemon-pepper in any supermarket, and the idea of pepper and chocolate together is also not new, chili or cayenne pepper certainly, black pepper not so much, but I have not seen a lemon and pepper chocolate bar before. And, I must say I am pleasantly surprised (as the name of the bar indicates) by how good this tastes. Chocolate Frey AG, with their brand Swiss Delice, has been a chocolatier since 1887, and they claim to be Switzerland's No. 1 chocolate maker. Certainly, the ingredient listing is unusual for a dark chocolate bar, the 55% cacao content (cocoa mass and butter), sugar, lemon powder (awesome, as I don't like peel - ok, it's the sole reason I don't like the orange and chocolate combination bars; I say 'blech'), fructose, citric acid (normally used to make a product tart in flavour), soya lecithin, black pepper and flavours; that would make them an unusual chocolatier, at least.

How does it taste? Smells very good, snaps very well apart, and is smooth to the palate. I especially like the lemony taste, and the spiciness of the pepper; the combo of the two is quite good. It's not too sweet, and not too spicy. My beautiful Bride likes it as well. I would definitely buy this again.

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