Monday, October 13, 2008

Latest new Offerings from Lindt

As I put this in my mouth, the dark chocolate melted, and I suddenly got this shot of almost espresso in my mouth. Great. A new offering from Lindt, Lindor Coffee.

Melting this in your mouth, you get the wonderful taste of hazelnut paste, and hidden within are two whole hazelnuts. Quite good. A new offering from Lindt called Nicciolato.

The good smooth dark chocolate of Lindt comes out in this tiny bar, and melts in your mouth great. A great little snack or pick-me-up. A new offering from Lindt, Extra Bitter.

This offering from Lindt had the amazing taste of dark chocolate mousse in solid form as I let it melt in my mouth. I really enjoyed this one. A new offering from Lindt, Fondente 72%.

I still don't quite like this, I've tried it before in egg form. The milk chocolate lindor encases are more solid centre than other Lindors. A new offering from Lindt, Lindor Au Champagne Marc.

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hadjer said...

lindt au champagne, i hated it , i didn t like it at all, it s like eating a ball of fire , besides it caused me Dizziness as i am pregnant