Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thai Cardamom

I have read about Thai cardomom in several books, most notably David Thompson's Thai Food, but other than knowing it tastes very similar to the green cardamom used in Indian cooking, though milder in flavour. Thai cardamom, also called Siam cardamom (Amomum krervanh Pierre), called "Kra-Waan" in Thai, are cream in colour, and the most widespread cardamom species in Thailand. I didn't know where to get these small and almost spherical pods. I would think that one could get them in Specialty Spice stores, there is one in Kensington Market, but I rarely get downtown anymore. So, I turned to my beautiful Bride's relatives in Thailand, and they tracked some down (actually, a lot, we won't have to worry about getting some more for a while, but great). I look forward to using them in such dishes as Kao Mok Gai.

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