Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lindt Pistachio

I can see that the packaging markets the green-ness of the pistachio, though in eating this milk chocolate bar, I was confused to see that neither the filling (it's white, almond filling) nor the pistachios are green (ok, perhaps a little bit, hard to see). The ingredient listing is not as good as some of their products, sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, palm oil, pistachios, cocoa mass, lactose, almonds, soya lecithin, barley malt extract and artificial flavour. There is no indication of the cacao content, though I would suspect it's fairly low.

How did it taste? I must say I was disappointed in this one, I didn't get any of the pistachio flavour, it seemed very sweet, and more milk chocolate than any nut. I liked the whole nut in each section. Too, I think that I like pistachios roasted and salted, rather than sweet, I must admit, though it will not bring me to buy this bar again.

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