Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amatller Chocolate Negro Ghana

I recently came across several of this Spanish chocolatier Chocolate Simon Coll, S.A., they have been in existence since 1797. There's not much to say about the ingredients, just cocoa mass and sugar, with a cacao content of 70%. The cacao beans come from Ghana, I would say, from the outside of the box. The chocolate is wrapped in a dark plastic rather than foil.

How does it taste? I was struck by how fruity it smelled upon opening the wrapping. Looking at the squares, they looked a little dull and not so deep brown as one would expect 70% chocolate to be. Too, the chocolate was not so smooth when I put it into my mouth. It tasted pretty good, a medium quality chocolate, though I don't think that it would become one of my favourites. Perhaps the Ghana beans are not to my liking.

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