Sunday, December 02, 2007

Terra Nostra Organic Intense Dark

The second of the two chocolate bars from the Canadian chocolatier Terra Nostra, in Zellers, of all places, is a bar they call Intense Dark. The notes on the reverse side of the packaging tells me that the cacao content is 73% (which is the Intense part), the chocolate has been conched for 22 hours, to a micron size of 18, and that the cacao beans come from Ecuador, Trinidad and Peru. This chocolate is best paired with Cognac, Shyraz or B&B, or eaten alone. The ingredient listing looks good, all Organic, with added Chocolate Magic, just cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter. I like how this bar, and the other, does not have added soya lecithin and vanilla flavour.

How did it taste? Really good, really smooth and quite chocolatey, it also smells good. I would definitely buy this again.

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