Sunday, December 30, 2007

Restaurant Review - Rex Saigon

This restaurant was recommended to me by a coworker, and I finally had the opportunity to go to this unusual buffet restaurant, unusual in that it is not a Chinese buffet, but a Vietnamese and Thai, supposedly the first in the city. Located east of the intersection of Sheppard and Brimley, on the north side, it shares mall space with a large Chinese supermarket. We arrived at 5 pm, after the evening hours began, yet the restaurant was fairly empty, though that likely had more to do with the snowy weather than the food (patrons began to appear mostly after 6, though I wondered about the buffet food, as there was little turnover since we had arrived). There were lots of dishes to choose from, some Vietnamese, some Thai, some Chinese, Tom Yung or Ginseng Chicken soups, lots of noodle dishes, curried crab legs, make-your-own Pho (Viet noodle soup with veggies), sesame balls, roti, sushi, mango sticky rice, lots to choose from and too many to remember. Lots of desserts, bananas in cream, coconut bars, ice creams. We payed $17.95 per person (comparable to what large buffet restaurants charge on a weekend), as it was a Saturday evening (likewise for Friday and Sunday evening), it is $9.99 for lunch those three days, otherwise it is $8.99 for lunch and $14.95 for dinner. There's really something for everyone, I tried lots of new dishes and ones I was already familiar with, there were lots I couldn't try because there was too much. There are some rather generic dishes not so tasty or prepared so well, but that's likely true of any restaurant. If the place were closer, I would go there more often, more likely though for lunch.

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