Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ferrero Garden

Ferrero Rocher is a popular chocolate gift at Christmastime in Canada; I like them, even though they are a bit pricey, because they are filled with hazelnuts. I see this year they have added a dark and a white version to their normal milk chocolate version. Ferrero also makes Mon Cheri, Nutella, Tic Tac and the large Kinder line (KinderSurprise, KinderBueno and more), among others. Like all manufacturers who export to other countries, often they offer different and interesting variations in their home markets. I received this package as a gift from my aunt in Germany, Ferrero Garden.

There are five different flavours in this garden; Almond, Pistachio, Raspberry-Strawberry, Hazelnut and Coconut. It will be interesting to see how they taste.


Amanda said...

where can you buy this 5 flavors in US? any website?

Mike said...

Hmmm, don't know that it is available.