Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baskin Robbins Hazelnut Dreams

I was in this mall on Wednesday, waiting for my beautiful Bride, and was suddenly struck with an urge to have a milkshake. Having passed a Baskin Robbins already, I looked at the offerings from Dairy Queen, on the other side of the mall, and, not liking the generic milkshake flavour offerings, I made the trek back to Baskin Robbins to see what flavours of milkshake they had to offer, as one can make a shake out of any of their flavours. And, what do I find, but this new ice cream, called Hazelnut Dreams, luxurious chocolate hazelnut ice cream swirled with a milk chocolate hazelnut ribbon and filled with hazelnut and chocolate pieces, according to the placard. Later I found out that it was December's Flavour of the Month, though I think that it will still be available after that. How did it taste? Very hazelnutty flavour when first sucking through the straw, that lasted throughout, and afterwards too, but I suspect it comes from an artificial hazelnut flavouring. There were very small almost candied hazelnut pieces, and much larger chocolate pieces. Overall, not bad, but could be a lot better, with larger hazelnut pieces.

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