Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Tree Renew Black Currant

I came across these Belgian chocolate bars from New Tree and shortly thereafter read about them on a blog. This particular bar is an attempt to combine the antioxidant properties of black currant and dark chocolate, it seems an odd combination at the outset. Quite a few chocolatiers are bringing out heart-healthy versions of their products, with increased antioxidant properties (more than 2 glasses of red wine for this bar), following the report that dark chocolate is good for the heart, though I have since heard that the report may be overstated, and it depends on the chocolate and the chocolatier, if the "good" ingredients are in there. The 73% cacao content is in line with a lot of chocolatiers, and the ingredient listing is good, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, black currant with other natural flavour (I wonder if one of them is vanilla), grape extract (also known for its antioxidant properties).

How does it taste? Not bad, though I don't know that black currant really works well for me, and my beautiful Bride thought it tasted more like blueberries. I liked the bar enough to want to try other of their bars.

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