Friday, December 07, 2007

Moritz Dark Icy Squares

Moritz Icy Squares have been around a long while, I noticed this year that they have come out with a dark version. Once upon a time, I used to like these sugary chocolate squares, they had kind of a cooling flavour. Long before I even examined the ingredient listing, who did?, I gave up eating these, I found them too expensive, there was less expensive and more interesting chocolate and candy to buy and eat. I notice that they have hazelnut paste as one of the ingredients, though it's not detectable. Give them a try if you really like them, and want more chocolate, or to experience the "icy" flavour, otherwise, pass.

How do they taste? They have the same "icy" feeling as the milk chocolate version, they just taste a little more chocolatey. I think they are still too sugary, and expensive, for my tastes, so I don't think I will buy these again.

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