Thursday, December 27, 2007

Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla Chips

I knew that I had to try this particular chocolate offering from Food Should Taste Good, which is the name of the Company, as well as their Brand Name, and their motto. It seems an odd combination, corn and chocolate, at first glance, and, opening the bag, it does smell odd, kind of a little burnt. The ingredient listing is very short for a corn chip, I'm used to lots of ingredients, there just stone ground white corn, non-hydrogenated canola oil, dutch cocoa powder (the dutch process makes cocoa powder darker), turbidano cane sugar (a more healthy sugar), sugarcane fiber and sea salt.

Overall, they taste pretty good, I just don't think I can get over the "burnt" smell, and I don't think corn and chocolate make a great combination, though I understand there are some mexican recipes with such.

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