Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Purdy's Chocolatour

Purdy's Chocolates is a Vancouver, B. C. based Chocolatier, who has made recent forays into Ontario, opening 7 stores in the past while. I recall two or three years ago, when they first appeared, in Square One in Mississauga, where they opened a temporary booth just before Christmas to sell their chocolates, one of their competitors, Laura Secord, got all puffed up at their intrusion, and, immediately after Christmas, when Purdy's had left, they erected a very similar booth in the exact same spot.

We had heard about this Chocolatour they were having at the large shopping mall Vaughn Mills, only on till Nov. 14th unfortunately, we went there to check it out. The Purdy's store located near the Food Court, and as we got there, we were in time for a taste testing of their milk chocolate, they were comparing it with a competitor's offering. I must admit that the Purdy's did taste better, and was darker in colour, and less sweet than the competitor's, though I wished that they had taste tested their dark chocolate instead. We perused their store offerings, and came across some interesting things, one of them was this rather large three kilogram milk chocolate Santa, retailing for about $130!

The Chocolatour consisted of lots of statues and descriptive, including a huge cacao pod

a Spanish trading ship that was used to bring cacoa from the New World

lots of examples of molds used in making chocolates

and a temple used for ancient worship by the Indian tribes who provided the Spanish with their chocolate.

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