Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ethiquable Dark Chocolate with Orange

I must remember that I don't like the combination of orange and chocolate, I keep buying new chocolate bars with that flavour, perhaps I hope that one day I will find one that I will like. I don't like especially the ones with candied orange peel, this chocolate bar from Ethiquable uses orange pulp instead of the peel, but also sadly suffers from a weak orange flavour. The cacao content is 60%, and the cacoa beans are Fair Trade from the Dominican Republic. The ingredient listing is good, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cane sugar, candied orange (made of orange pulp, sugar, apple, pineapple fibres, dextrose, sodium alginate, dicalcium orthophospate, citric acid and artificial and real vanilla flavour) and soya lecithin.

How did it taste? I did not really find this chocolate bar tasty, the chocolate itself was not bad, but the orangey-ness did not do it for me. I won't buy this bar again.

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