Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lindt Individual Chocolates

In our recent trip to the Lindt Outlet Store, we picked up several small individual chocolates, each of them about 1/2 oz in size, perfect for a bite or two of good chocolate.

The Bianco is white chocolate. Fine if you like it, not for my tastes.

The Extra Bitter is a dark chocolate, or bittersweet, it tasted very good.

The Latte is a milk chocolate, it tasted not bad.

The Gianduja is made from a mixture of sugar, chocolate and hazelnuts, it tasted really good.

The Surfin is chocolate truffle, it tasted quite good. I would like to try a larger bar of it.

The Fioretto is chocolate mixed with crispy rice, inside is hazelnut paste. Quite good.

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