Monday, November 12, 2007

Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market

My beautiful Bride and I had the opportunity to finally visit Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market. I had read about this Toronto Organic farmer's market somewhere and wanted to go see it; having sent her the link, she wanted to go too, so we set off one Thursday after work to check it out. The farmer's market is located in Dufferin Grove Park, across from Dufferin Mall, one block south of Dufferin TTC Station on the Bloor Subway line. It is every Thursday, year round; when the weather is nice, it is outdoors, in the winter, some of it moves indoors to the rink house. It seemed fairly small when we first got to it, but there were some great highlights. ChocoSol features chocolate from Oaxaca, Mexico, which is ground using bicycle power, I tried some of their samples, and they're quite tasty, though I did not purchase any. Nujima Living Foods has a whole variety of interesting nutritional grains and seeds and roots, I bought some Mesquite Pod Meal (which I had been looking for a lone while for) and some Chia Seeds (or Salba seeds), I was also interested in their Maca Root powder and their Cocoa Nibs (Raw Chocolate). There was a vendor who sold a variety of interesting dried mushrooms, we saw morels and chantarelles, lobster mushrooms and others, they also had black walnut meat. We bought some Dinosaur, or Black, Kale from a vendor, that was quite tasty.

I wish that there was a market like this close to my home in Mississauga, I would definitely come by more often, this one, unfortunately for me, is too inconvenient for me to visit more than once a year, but don't let that stop you from checking it out, there are some good finds there, artisan breads, organic fruits and vegetables, different kinds of honey, interesting cheeses, and lots more.

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